21 February 2012


A couple of posts ago I uploaded pictures of my beautiful friend Hannah who was modelling the pale face and bright make up look, I also took similar pictures with my friend Sophie (admittedly my make up skills were not as good as Hannah's haha). Today I went back to school and began to Photoshop these pictures to make them look air bushed and work towards the style of Rankin. Below are the before and after photographs!

                                             Before                                                   After

                                             Before                                                      After

                                            Before                                                     After

                                              Before                                                     After

With each picture I made changes to the eyebrow shapes and colours, I brightened the photographs in order to make the skin as pale as possible and then saturated the photograhs to bring out the bright make up. I also used the clone tool to create flawless skin!

Love Tamara

19 February 2012


London is so well known for its amazing scenery's and iconic buildings and transports, so I thought I should take a trip into all the hustle and bustle of the city and get a few iconic snaps for my photography portfolio. Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining and everything looked so bright and ideal for the perfect picture. Here are a few of my best shots

The National Gallery
The London Eye
Big Ben and the London Eye
Red London Double Decker Bus on a London Road
Beautiful Lake with the London Eye in the background

I hope you like the pictures!

Love Tamara
Make Up!

For my AS photography coursework I decided to use Rankin as inspiration for one of my shoots. I loved the concept of having a really pale face with bright and eyes and lips as it creates such contrast and really allows certain areas of the face to stand out wonderfully. I used my beautiful friend Hannah as my model and she looks absolutely stunning, pulling off this look gorgeously! Here are some of my photographs (these haven't been altered on Photoshop yet!)

 I hope you like them!

Love Tamara!