25 May 2011

Hair Moose

Hair Moose

My hair is naturally curly but after I wash it, the battle begins with the frizz frenzy! For the last couple of years I have resorted to straightening my hair to tackle this hair nightmare and have never shown off the natural curly hair that I posess.

I looked high and low for some sort of product that could tackle this problem and allow me to have curly tamed hair. I wanted a product that would relieve me of the panic when as soon as the wind blew and pooof there went my hair!

I searched high and low and finally found the perfect product

Toni & Guy Boost-it Moose 250ml - £5.61

I bought this bottle of Toni&Guy moose from Boots and it has worked wonders ever since, it has never let me down. It gives me the tamed curls I have been longing to show off!

Love Tamara

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