25 May 2011


How shall I have my hair for prom?
Thats the question i consantly find myself asking nowadays with prom only 1 month away...eek!
Its so hard to think of a style which is unique but at the same time elegant and glamorous!
I have been doing a little testing to see what styles are a thumbs up and which are a big no no!
Test no. 1: Curlss

To create long lasting, elegant, red carpet curls without damaging my hair using heat I used these long squidgey, elastic curling sticks (have no clue what their name is haha):

The yellow sticks create tight small curls, the blue creates a more wider curl and the pink create much larger natural curls

I moistened each curling stick with a slither of water (not too much, just enough to make the surface moist) and collected a small group of hair and starting from the ends of my hair rolled my hair around the stick until it reached my roots. I then tisted the ends of the curling stick together and began on the next piece of hair.

It is much easier then it sounds, dont panic!

Your hair should look something like this (absolutely stunning look haha!)

It is recommended that you leave these in for as long as possible. The longer they are in, the better!
I found that they pulled on my hair quite a lot, as my hair is pretty thin, so I took them out after 2 and 1/2 hours.


red carpet curls, Tamara style :p

Love Tamara

Would love to hear your opinions and hear about any other fabulous hairstyles!


  1. Awww this is pretty, you should deffo do your hair like this for prom :) xx